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The 9 Psychological Rules of Marketing

Extensive research has discovered how people process information. This knowledge has dramatic implications for the way you craft your advertising and marketing messages. Understanding these principles is guaranteed to improve how you communicate with people.

1. Unpleasant messages are learned as easily as pleasant messages.
TIP: Be enthusiastic. Avoid negatives and state your message positively.

2. Meaningful messages are learned more easily than meaningless messages.
TIP: Aim your marketing at the prospect´s needs. The more relevant your message is to the consumer, the more likely it'll be remembered and acted on.

3. Benefits are learned best when presented at the beginning and end of an advertisement.
TIP: State a benefit in your headline or early in the body copy. Use a benefit at the end to encourage the action you want.

4. Unique or unusual messages are better remembered than those commonly used.
TIP: Do something that'll get people to look at you and your service in a new way. Remember - if you follow the crowd, the crowd will never follow you.

5. Learning is enhanced when people are told the benefits they will receive for using you and your service.
TIP: Real estate advertisers rarely include benefits in their advertising. What benefits do you or your listings offer? Highlight them in your ads.

6. Repetition increases the strength of an older idea, which can be more effective than a newer idea.
TIP: Associate yourself and your message with something the consumer is already familiar with and likes.

7. Messages presented closer in time to an intense need are learned faster than when the need is weaker.
TIP: Be consistent with your advertising. New prospects are entering the real estate market every day.

8. The greater the reward consumers receive from reading an ad, the faster they learn the message.
TIP: Don't hold back information. Research shows the more you tell consumers, the more likely they are to respond to your ad. It's important to tell them what they want to know. Location, price, and size are key elements of a good listing ad.

9. The less effort required to respond, the faster learning occurs.
TIP: Give the consumer several ways to reach you. Our society values immediate gratification. People want immediate access to information when they're interested in something. Make yourself available.

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