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Growing Distrust Affects Media Impact

As younger generations enter the housing market, real estate advertisers face higher levels of distrust. Cheryl Russell, a respected author and observer of the baby boom generation writes, "Each younger generation is increasingly likely to hold others at arm's length." She further states the "distrust younger Americans feel towards others . . . becomes an ever more potent force in our society."

A growing belief that people are just looking out for themselves has broad implications for advertisers trying to reach people under 40. A National Opinion Research Center General Social Survey found 47% of the poll's respondents said people are just looking out for themselves. This is up 10% from the same survey taken in 1975.

Young consumers are building walls around themselves for protection against marketers. Some believe this is a reaction to the overwhelming array of choices marketers are pushing at us. This means advertisers must find ways to penetrate these walls.

Russell believes smart marketers will position themselves to be invited in. She also believes this is bad news for advertisers who use television, radio and telemarketing because they require consumers to pay attention to a message at a particular time.

She concludes it's good news for print media because this form of communication gives consumers control over when they view the advertiser's message. Print media is considered to be more polite than electronic media because it waits to be invited in.

Cheryl Russell is author of How We live: The Mid-Youth Market and editor of "The Boomer Report", Age Wave
Communication Corp: Emeryville, California

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